When Things Don’t Go Your Way

So anyone who knows me knows that I like to plan. I like to know every detail, every possible outcome (good or bad), and to have a plan for each scenario. You know what I don’t like? When things change last minute… not even just last minute… whenever my plan gets derailed and I’m not prepared. I’m not sure, but I think the Lord has been weighing on me that it’s also my way to throw a temper tantrum when things just don’t go “my” way. I still need to pray that one out.

My husband, Lord knows I prayed for him… is more of the “jump at the chance”, “act on a whim” type of guy. Le sigh… He’s absolutely fine with adjusting plans as often as wanted or needed. As long as he’s sure its the best decision, he doesn’t get stressed about it. Sometimes I think it would be better to be like him, especially in my business.

I picked a very bad profession to work in for someone who likes a schedule, a plan, and consistency. I mostly work for type A executives and professionals who travel more thanbusiness-aircraft-620453_1920 the president, network more than Jay Z, and have to-do lists that could fill an Encyclopedia Britannica. I planned on spending the first 3 hours of my day devoted to my clients, but that doesn’t always work for them, especially if they are traveling. I have no choice but to be flexible. And then there’s days like today, when my youngest son wakes up with a swollen eye and requires a trip to urgent care. 😦 I had to move my schedule around and forgo break time at lunch so that I could still have a productive day and take care of my son.

I think God led me into this profession to teach me that very rarely will things go my way, because, really, I shouldn’t be trying to do things my way anyway. If I get stressed out when things don’t go my way, it just makes sense that I should instead try to do things God’s way. His ways are perfect. But he also teaches that even in his ways we have to be willing to be flexible. His plans are not always (in fact rarely) a straight path. He wouldn’t want you to have the same exact schedule every single day… you aren’t in a Sims game.


My challenge to you is next time you find that your day or even just a project or task has been thrown off course, before you freak out and stress out, take a minute to breath and pray. You may find that its not a huge catastrophe like you thought (I admit, I’m a slight drama queen), but that this little bump will change your course just enough to lead you into something amazing.

Are you the type that likes to have a plan? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Leave a comment below!

Are you finding yourself stressed out everyday and unsure why? Here are 3 of the main causes of everyday stress.

img_6400As someone who always made people ask, “How does she do it?”, I had to learn how to fit more into my day without completely losing my mind. Now I’m excited to share how I did that and what I’ve learned with everyone else. I just want to see people able to live the life they want, doing the things they want, without the stress they think is normal. I want everyone to experience Peace of Time.


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