Intro to Series: Reducing Stress and Learning to Focus

Over the past couple of blog posts we’ve dug into exactly how stress can affect our mind and our body and overall why stress should not be a “normal” thing for us. Now I am shifting the topic a bit onto what we can do about that. Ways to reduce stress and learning to reset your focus again.

Just like stress manifests in more than one avenue (mind, body, emotions, behavior, etc.), in order to reduce stress, you may need to come at from multiple angles. You can physically do things like take a yoga class, but did you also know that even things like your diet or practicing spirituality can help to reduce stress?

The biggest thing that needs to happen, though, is you need to be fed up with being stressed out all of the time. The phrase, “get sick and tired of being sick and tired” is the best way to put it. Because if you aren’t mad that stress has stolen days of your life, your productivity, your relationships and even your health, then no matter what you do, it won’t stick and you will still be running in your gerbil wheel working hard, but getting no where. Once you make the decision to change, then you need to come up with a plan. That’s where this series comes in.


We will go over several different options. You won’t need to implement all of them but trying several may have the biggest effect. Once you learn to cope with stressful situations, you will see that you are able to maintain focus, stay motivated and increase productivity. The more productive you are, the more revenue you will generate for your business, the more things you can do with your time, and the more accomplished you will feel. You may finally experience true Peace of Time.

img_6400As someone who always made people ask, “How does she do it?”, I had to learn how to fit more into my day without completely losing my mind. Now I’m excited to share how I did that and what I’ve learned with everyone else. I just want to see people able to live the life they want, doing the things they want, without the stress they think is normal. I want everyone to experience Peace of Time.

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