About Me

I am a wife, mother, business owner, blogger, coach, speaker, author and faith-filled woman of God. I love to laugh, but I enjoy making others smile even more.  Because I struggled personally learning how to best use my time to do all of the things God was calling me to do, I decided to share what I have learned through my own failures and successes to help other entrepreneurs keep their lights bright and burning. She helped launch many businesses for friends and family and decided to launch her own business, Virtually Yours VA, in June 2016. She has counseled clients there on how to increase their productivity, manage effectively, and plan accordingly.

I am the primary EVA available for hire here at Virtually Yours VA. I spent over 5 years as an executive administrative assistant to the President/CEO of a multi-million dollar company in the Trenchless Technology industry. After a brief break to expand my family, I have now taken my skills and resources to build a company that can offer all of the administrative support of a fully or partially-staffed assistant but in a remote (or virtual) capacity.

I am extremely proficient with Microsoft Excel. Besides a general Microsoft Office Suite class, I have also taken two continuing education classes that dealt specifically with Microsoft Excel (2007 and 2010). I have used excel to create and maintain several databases for a previous employer including one to manage their fleet of trailers, trucks and even company vehicles; an R&D database to track all testing, results, costs, with charted information; and an IP filing database for keeping track of all Intellectual Property. I have experience with calendar management, travel management (for the entire company), lifestyle management (personal assistant tasks), and CRM management (she was an administrator on a corporate CRM database).

“Productivity is just the intentionality of your work.” -Amber Moore