When Things Don’t Go Your Way

So anyone who knows me knows that I like to plan. I like to know every detail, every possible outcome (good or bad), and to have a plan for each scenario. You know what I don’t like? When things change last minute… not even just last minute… whenever my plan gets derailed and I’m not prepared. I’m not sure, but I think the Lord has been weighing on me that it’s also my way to throw a temper tantrum when things just don’t go “my” way. I still need to pray that one out.

My husband, Lord knows I prayed for him… is more of the “jump at the chance”, “act on a whim” type of guy. Le sigh… He’s absolutely fine with adjusting plans as often as wanted or needed. As long as he’s sure its the best decision, he doesn’t get stressed about it. Sometimes I think it would be better to be like him, especially in my business.

I picked a very bad profession to work in for someone who likes a schedule, a plan, and consistency. I mostly work for type A executives and professionals who travel more thanbusiness-aircraft-620453_1920 the president, network more than Jay Z, and have to-do lists that could fill an Encyclopedia Britannica. I planned on spending the first 3 hours of my day devoted to my clients, but that doesn’t always work for them, especially if they are traveling. I have no choice but to be flexible. And then there’s days like today, when my youngest son wakes up with a swollen eye and requires a trip to urgent care. 😦 I had to move my schedule around and forgo break time at lunch so that I could still have a productive day and take care of my son.

I think God led me into this profession to teach me that very rarely will things go my way, because, really, I shouldn’t be trying to do things my way anyway. If I get stressed out when things don’t go my way, it just makes sense that I should instead try to do things God’s way. His ways are perfect. But he also teaches that even in his ways we have to be willing to be flexible. His plans are not always (in fact rarely) a straight path. He wouldn’t want you to have the same exact schedule every single day… you aren’t in a Sims game.


My challenge to you is next time you find that your day or even just a project or task has been thrown off course, before you freak out and stress out, take a minute to breath and pray. You may find that its not a huge catastrophe like you thought (I admit, I’m a slight drama queen), but that this little bump will change your course just enough to lead you into something amazing.

Are you the type that likes to have a plan? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants? Leave a comment below!

Are you finding yourself stressed out everyday and unsure why? Here are 3 of the main causes of everyday stress.

img_6400As someone who always made people ask, “How does she do it?”, I had to learn how to fit more into my day without completely losing my mind. Now I’m excited to share how I did that and what I’ve learned with everyone else. I just want to see people able to live the life they want, doing the things they want, without the stress they think is normal. I want everyone to experience Peace of Time.


My New Favorite Social Media Automator: RecurPost

Small business owners can spend anywhere from 6-10 hours per week updating their social media. I’m all about how we can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently so what if I told you that you could cut that time in half?


By automating your social media posts! Automate is really just another word for delegate. Whether that’s a new idea for you or if your an “expert” already, I’m here to tell you about a specific post automator. I’ve used Hootsuite, Buffer, SocioBoard, and was seriously looking into MeetEdgar, but – in my opinion – this one takes the cake.

Let me start by saying the reason I was looking into MeetEdgar is why I like this automator. MeetEdgar looks like a very sound product and I’ve heard some excellent reviews, but at $80 per month, its difficult for me justify that amount of money. If you can, I would recommend checking them out (after my recommendation of course)!

Here’s How to Save Yourself Over 250 Hours Per Year by Using RecurPost

So once you have a marketing editorial calendar figured out, the next step is to start posting according to that schedule, but wouldn’t it make more sense, since you already have the timeline, to schedule all of your posts for the week or month all at once?

I recently started using RecurPost and I loovvveeee it! Almost as much as I love my morning coffee…. almost.

So what are some of the pros of RecurPost?

1 – It offers a free version.

Its different than MeetEdgar because it has a free plan. “Free” is one of my favorite words. The free version allows for up to 3 social media accounts and 100 reoccurring posts. So, if you hook up your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and do nothing but cycle old blog posts and inspirational quotes, you will cut down a lot of your post time. I’ve actually already upgraded to the next version that allows up to 1,000 posts and only costs $25 per month. The top tier is unlimited posts and only $50 per month. So even their top tier is cheaper than MeetEdgar’s first tier.


2 – All versions allow for content libraries.

It has content libraries that allows you to store and separate your posts according to categories. So, for example, my husband has libraries titled “Financial Biblical Verses”, “New Blog Content“, “Old Blog Content”, “Dave Ramsey Quotes”, “Other Financial Blogs”, etc. He then loads up each of the content libraries with…. well content and schedules them accordingly.


3 – You can create feeds to fill your libraries.

It would really suck if every time I wanted to add one of my blog posts into my “old blog content”, that I had to go in and create a brand new post. So, I was very happy to see I could just create a feed right into that library. It links to my blog and anytime theres a new post, it adds that into the library. This is also good, for example, for people like my husband who is constantly referencing someone else’s blog. He just created a feed for that library from the other blog. You can also select whether or not you have to approve the feed before it goes into the library (in that previous example, my husband set to approve so if there’s a post thats not really pertinent he can choose to opt out).


4 – Scheduling is fairly easy.

All you have to do is select a library you want to schedule, choose the profiles you want that library to post to, and then select the frequency. You can choose for your posts to be daily, weekly, or monthly. When you choose monthly you can choose specific dates for the posts. Add as many frequencies as you like or need.


5 – Decent reporting.

What I really liked with Hootsuite was the reports it generated. I’m happy to let you know that RecurPost also has a reporting page to give you stats on your views, clicks, and most popular posts.


Cons of RecurPost

Now, RecurPost is not perfect. Here are some things I wish were different and hope change in the future:

1 – The editorial calendar is broken down per profile. I really wish it was one calendar showing all profiles and all posts.

2 – There is no “bi-weekly” option for frequency of posts. So this isn’t huge, but there are some posts that aren’t quite weekly material and deserve more than monthly. The only way to do a post like this is to choose the monthly option and then to choose 2 specific dates (i.e. the 1st and 15th of every month) for content to post on.

3 – The only social media platforms it works with are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Granted with Facebook and LinkedIn you can choose more than just your profile (i.e. pages, groups, etc.) to post to, I hope some day they figure out how to integrate Instagram or others.

4 – No “keyword” feeds. I really liked in Hootsuite how you could create a feed of specific key words or #hashtags to search for. I don’t see any current option to do that in RecurPost.

Well guys, I hope you check out RecurPost for yourselves. I truly believe you are either going to save yourself money or time or both! Have you tried RecurPost and have your own opinion? Do you have a different program you use and recommend? Or how about one you tried and hated? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

img_6400As someone who always made people ask, “How does she do it?”, I had to learn how to fit more into my day without completely losing my mind. Now I’m excited to share how I did that and what I’ve learned with everyone else. I just want to see people able to live the life they want, doing the things they want, without the stress they think is normal. I want everyone to experience Peace of Time.



Here are 3 Reasons You Are Getting Stressed Out

I will prelude by saying that there is a different, more traumatic, type of stress that you feel when major life events happen like the death of a loved one, divorce, etc. Those are not included in this post (or in most of my posts). The steps to dealing with those types of stress are going to be different, more involved, and may even require professional help.

Have you ever gotten just a couple of hours into your day and gave up? Saying something like, “Can today just be over?” Or maybe you are dreading tomorrow before its even here. Why? Why do we get stressed? What are some common triggers that give us anxiety?

Here are the Top 3 Causes of Everyday Stress


First, that feeling that you don’t have enough time.

You run around all day “like a chicken with your head cut off”, exhausted by 2PM and you look around and it looks and feels like you’ve gotten nothing done. Your inbox is full again, there are four customers who are having “emergencies” that you still haven’t been able to get back to, or you ran into several issues working on your project that prevented you from making any progress.

clock-1274699_1920You think if you only had one more hour in your day that you might actually make some progress. You end up coming in earlier and staying later, but fail to get ahead.

You need to learn how to take your day back and manage your time better. You don’t need more hours in the day, you need to use the ones you have more effectively. By following some simple time management techniques (prioritizing, scheduling, delegating, etc.) you can get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

Second, you try doing too much.

For whatever reason, in today’s society, we feel like if we aren’t doing everything imaginable that we are somehow failing. We are made to feel like we need to be superheros. A mom doesn’t feel like she is a good mom unless she is head of the PTA, enrolling her child in the best private schools, making sure her child is in sports, dance, band, etc., cooking healthy meals every night, cleaning the house to make it look show room ready at all times (despite the frantic toddler running around), keeping the toddler hero-1529299_1280clean and looking like they just stepped out of a magazine, going to the gym to keep their mom-bod in tip shape, etc. This is not okay, this is not possible.

You need to determine and uphold your personal limitations and realize that while you can do more, it may require sacrifice in another area. Sure, you can go back to college but you might have to give up some of your time spent golfing. You can finally take that cooking class, but you might have to give up your weekly zumba class to do it. Also, don’t be afraid to say no to things that you know will just pile up on your plate and stress you out. “No” should be your best friend and a word that you learn to use with even the closest of people (yes even your friends and family).

Third, conflicts.

Why does even the thought of going to your mother-in-laws feel make your heart rate go up, cause you to break out in a sweat, and fill you with that over-all feeling of dread? Why do you hate getting partnered up with the schmuck down the hall? Because conflict causes stress.

Its human nature to avoid conflict as best as possible, so when you know that there is a very good chance that a certain situation will bring about conflict and you go against your natural instincts, your body’s natural reaction is to become stressed. The opposite of anxiety is joy, and peace is like joy’s BFF. You cannot have peace in a place of constant conflict.

argument-238529_1920Although I realize there are times where you should stand up for what you believe in, I’m sure that 75% of the conflict in your life can be avoided all together. Quit bringing up topics that you know will start fights, avoid (if possible) people who are always confrontational, and do your best to redirect conversations away from conflict and instead towards compromise and solutions.

So, these are just 3 of the causes of stress in people’s lives, but there are more. Its good to identify what stresses you out, why it stresses you out, and the best steps to take to avoid the stress. Why? Because stress affects so much: our health, our minds, our emotions, etc. Subscribe to this blog to find out in the upcoming weeks exactly how stress affects you.

img_6400As someone who always made people ask, “How does she do it?”, I had to learn how to fit more into my day without completely losing my mind. Now I’m excited to share how I did that and what I’ve learned with everyone else. I just want to see people able to live the life they want, doing the things they want, without the stress they think is normal. I want everyone to experience Peace of Time.

Stress Sucks!

I know I tell my own kids “suck” is not a nice word, but that’s why its perfect to use to describe stress. Stress does suck. It sucks our energy, our emotions, even our health. And if you can’t learn to deal with your stress and eventually prevent yourself from getting to that point, it won’t matter what other steps you take.

So before I can teach you how to really handle your time, we need to learn about stress: why we get stressed, how stress affects us, and the difference between being busy and being stressed. So often, we assume we cannot add anything else to our plates because taking that college course or committing to that gym membership or starting that huge project at work will do nothing but give us anxiety and ultimately cause us to fail.


You can have big goals and achieve more in your day by managing your time better. But first you have to learn to not let yourself get stressed out the moment something gets hard, otherwise it won’t matter how great you are at managing your time because you will give up and go back to sitting on the couch all day watching The Real Housewives.

Every Wednesday for the next couple of weeks, I will help you to understand your stress, the triggers, the effects, and – most of all – the solutions. Once you have that mastered, I am going to make sure you learn how to Take Your Day Back, finding more time to do the things you want and need to everyday, and how to truly find your peace of time.


img_6400As someone who always made people ask, “How does she do it?”, I had to learn how to fit more into my day without completely losing my mind. Now I’m excited to share how I did that and what I’ve learned with everyone else. I just want to see people able to live the life they want, doing the things they want, without the stress they think is normal. I want everyone to experience Peace of Time.


Take Back Your Time

I cannot wait to share with you all the great ideas, knowledge, and even questions I have pertaining to the success of your business. I believe that productivity is being intentional with your work, having a plan for every part of your business, and understanding the steps you need to take to carry out that plan. If you can’t manage something as simple as your time, how do you expect to manage a team? Do you want the best library of help with time management? Do you want the best tips you will find on increasing your productivity? Do you need advice on how to become and stay organized and on-task? Great! I can help! Make sure to subscribe to my blog on the right, and then dig into all of the information that will be at your fingertips. If you are interested in something more personal, check out my coaching packages!