How to Create a Relaxing Workspace

Brace yourselves, I’m about to admit something that might make you go, wtf?!

I enjoy cleaning. I enjoy organizing my spaces. I enjoy decluttering.

Crazy, right? I mean, who really enjoys doing those things? I guess, like most things, I more so enjoy the reward from doing those things.

When I walk in the door and my livingroom is spotless, I instantly feel relaxed and happy. On the other hand, if I walk into my bathroom and everything has exploded on the sink, dirty clothes litter the floor, and my husband has seemed to miss the garbage can every single time he attempted to throw away a used q-tip, then I can feel (pretty much instantaneously) my stress level rise. My heart beats faster, I become anxious, stressed, worked up. I don’t even want to walk in there. It’s proven that clutter causes stress and both negatively affect our brains (even our bodies). There is something about a clean, decluttered, organized space that just gives you some strange sense of peace and calm.

So here are the 3 steps to creating a relaxing workspace that will feed your productivity and success.

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Immediately Lower Your Stress Level

The other day, I was working on a pretty complex spreadsheet for a client. The kids are all home on Christmas break and the husband even had the week off.

As I was trying to concentrate, the older two started what I’m guessing was a wrestling match upstairs. It sounded like no less than a heard of wild animals running around my house. My husband walked in asking for help on some menial task that didn’t truly require me. Immediately following that the baby grabbed the toddler’s pigtail and pulled hard, causing her to scream and cry and as she pulled away, the baby fell, in turn, causing him to also scream and cry.


I can only describe stress as pressure with your face being the gauge. As the pressure continues to rise, you can actually feel blood rush to your cheeks (feeling warm), you might shake a bit and eventually the alarm (yelling) goes off. I’m guessing thats what I looked like after that morning and I’m guessing many of you have been there too. So what do we do when we feel our stress level rising?

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Setting Boundaries with Colleagues

I’m talking with a client of mine the other day, when I bring up an appointment on his calendar that wasn’t there before. He lets me know that someone else added it to his calendar. Not another assistant, not someone he delegated to, but a colleague who took it time-273857_1920upon himself to schedule something for my client.

My jaw dropped. Maybe it was a mistake? Maybe he just meant to talk to him about it instead of actually scheduling it?

Nope. This guy actually scheduled a meeting (with a 3rd party) for my client without talking to him first to even see if he was really available. He just added the appointment to his calendar. Didn’t say anything. Just let us see it.

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You Can’t Be Perfect, But You Can Be Better

I am the type of person who truly lives by the golden rule in pretty much everything I do. I always make sure to praise people when they do an excellent job, but I also am not afraid to offer up constructive criticism when its appropriate. Why? Not because I think I’m better than anyone out there, but because I hope that they would do the same for me. I like hearing when my stuff is great, but I love when someone has the balls to tell me what I could improve.

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