Do You Really NEED Procedures For Your Business?

If you’ve ever worked in any type of business, chances are that they had Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for at least one area of their business. Now that you are running your own business, you find yourself going through the motions and wondering if you really need to have any type of formal written procedure.


The short answer is no, you don’t NEED a set of procedures. However, not having them can cause issues later on.

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How to Create a Relaxing Workspace

Brace yourselves, I’m about to admit something that might make you go, wtf?!

I enjoy cleaning. I enjoy organizing my spaces. I enjoy decluttering.

Crazy, right? I mean, who really enjoys doing those things? I guess, like most things, I more so enjoy the reward from doing those things.

When I walk in the door and my livingroom is spotless, I instantly feel relaxed and happy. On the other hand, if I walk into my bathroom and everything has exploded on the sink, dirty clothes litter the floor, and my husband has seemed to miss the garbage can every single time he attempted to throw away a used q-tip, then I can feel (pretty much instantaneously) my stress level rise. My heart beats faster, I become anxious, stressed, worked up. I don’t even want to walk in there. It’s proven that clutter causes stress and both negatively affect our brains (even our bodies). There is something about a clean, decluttered, organized space that just gives you some strange sense of peace and calm.

So here are the 3 steps to creating a relaxing workspace that will feed your productivity and success.

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